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Tralco - Lingo Fun

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How the Acadians became the Cajuns of Louisiana Zany Chef and students in his Bistro a French family dining experience Closing week of the Quebec Winter Carnaval The first week of Carnaval in Québec

Acadian to


Bistro Escargot

Bon Appétit


Carnaval the Adventure

Québec Winter


Four Chateaux in the Loire are viewed in detail Sandy and Audrey from two differerent French cultures meet. St. Boniface Manitoba Explore the Loire Valley Every picture tells a story

Châteaux de

la Loire

Pen Pals - Les correspondantes

Festival du Voyageur

Loire Valley

The Experience

Voices from the  Louvre

Mission Possible


New Orleans &

Mardi Gras

Voices from the Orsay

Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower


Paris the Experience

Provence the Experience

Québec the Experience

A Cajun Mardi Gras

The Statue and the Tower

Mardi Gras in the Vieux Carré

C'est Chouette

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